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Security Administrator

Starting hourly rate is : $20.00

Job Requirements:

Must be able to work Tuesday through Saturday.
Ability to read, write and speak English
Understand and carry out oral and written instructions
Understand standardized math processes, e.g., count, addition and subtraction
Train other workers as required
The learning time necessary on the job to achieve average proficiency and work at general satisfactory level is less than a month
May contact other departments or people on routine affairs, exchanging necessary information on a service or cooperative basis as required

Primary Responsibilities:

Screen packages in compliance with all TSA cargo screening protocols and regulations.
Successfully complete all training requirements to become a certified air cargo screener. This includes Physical Search training and being trained to operate Explosive Trace Detection and X-ray technology.
Using screening technology, identify prohibited or dangerous items being tendered for air transport. Items include IED’s, weapons, narcotics and others.
Interpret X-ray images to identify prohibited items
Perform alarm resolution on packages that may contain prohibited items
Complete daily electronic and paper logs documenting number of packages screened and objects detected
Calibrate screening equipment daily Provide reports to management.
Perform weekly screening technology maintenance Provide detailed weekly reporting of all activity Other duties as required

Job Category: 
Airline Service Providers
Application email: 
Open Date: 
Monday, August 9, 2021