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Menzies Aviation / Frontier Airlines Ramp Agent

As a member of our ramp team you will be loading and unloading luggage and cargo on and off commercial aircraft.

We are offering both full time and part time positions! No prior experience is needed and all shifts and schedules are considered. The starting pay is $15 an hour with shift differentials up to $17 an hour! Performance increases are available at three months ($0.25), six months, ($0.25), one year ($1.00), and two years ($1.00). At two years you could be earning $19.50/hr! Overtime is available! Training is paid!

STANDBY TRAVEL on Frontier to any of their over 100 exciting destinations is available after just 30 days of employment!

We believe that true excellence is only delivered by people with the knowledge, tools and passion to set standards rather than chase them. Do you catch yourself searching the sky when you hear an airplane flying overhead? Embrace your passion for aviation and let your career take off with Menzies Aviation. As a leading global provider of Passenger Services, Ramp Handling, Cargo Handling, Technical Support and Fueling services, we provide a range of career opportunities. View our video to see how members of our leadership team started their careers with Menzies Aviation

View our Ramp Agent video here:


To be part of our high performing team, you will need to be at least 18 years of age, be able to speak, read and write in English and have authorization to work in the US.

All airport staff working airside must be badged by the relevant airport authority. In order to obtain an airport identification badge with a customs seal, you will need to pass all FBI and other background checks.

The ramp agent position does require a driver's license. ***Positions for those without a drivers license are available! The starting pay is $14 an hour. All differentials and performance increases are still available! Without a driver's license you could be earning $16 an hour on your Friday or Saturday evening shift. After two years you could be earning $18.50 an hour for your Friday and Saturday evening shift. If you later obtain your driver's license, we can easily switch you to the ramp position that has a base pay of $15!

We take the safety of our staff, customers and passengers seriously and as such, you will have to pass a pre-employment drug test.

The job is a physical job and requires lifting up to 70lbs continuously, pushing, pulling, bending, stretching and frequent kneeling.

The job is primarily done outdoors which will require you to work in all weather conditions.

Apply now to join the Menzies team – a team that delivers excellence from touchdown to take-off!

Apply online at:

Job Category: 
Airline Service Providers
Application email: 
Open Date: 
Tuesday, May 28, 2019 to Monday, May 11, 2020
Benefit Information: 
Benefits Starting pay is $15 an hour. Work a shift that starts at 1PM or later and earn another $1. Work a shift that start at 1PM or later on a Friday or Saturday and earn another $1.00! You could be earning $17 an hour to start! Performance increases are available at three months ($0.25), six months ($0.25), one year ($1.00) and two years ($1.00). After two years you could be earning $19.50 an hour on your Friday and Saturday shift that starts at 1PM or later! We also offer opportunities for advancement which would include an increase in pay. Flight benefits - Standby Travel on Frontier Airlines after just 30 days!! Vision, medical, dental, disability insurance 401K Paid training Discounts on hotels, car rentals, cruises, cellular service, gym memberships and more! Season appropriate uniform provided at no cost to you Free airport parking or RTD transportation voucher Promotion opportunities/pay increases are available for safe, reliable and hard working employees
$15-$17 an hour plus performance increases