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Drug & Alcohol Testing Technician

As a professional member of our team, you would perform Urine Specimen Collections and Breath Alcohol Testing for an array of different airline flight crews and various airport employees, vendors, companies and service providers. We are regulated under the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration; as well as various other U.S. regulatory agencies. We work in a discreet, highly-confidential business-to-business environment with no passenger/traveling public interaction.

This position involves going out to any gate, on any concourse, and meeting inbound flights, working directly on the jetways and airstairs, onboard and around aircraft of all sizes and notifying airline/airport employees of testing. Also maintaining paperwork/files in our offices and performing various daily checklists and other duties assigned by the Clinic Manager. Weekends, after hours and sharing rotating on call duties is also required. You must live within 1 hour travel time from the Denver Airport. Excellent attendance is required - this is a fast-paced, flexible, time-critical position completely based on airline flight schedules and airport operations, subject to last-minute changes based on our clients individual needs. The airlines never stop flying - so WE never stop working!

We are a 24/7 company. Scheduling needs frequently change at the last minute based on workload to include a rotating on call shift. We offer occasional opportunities to work offsite at various nearby facilities as well.

Must pass criminal background check, pre-employment drug screening, Able to pass all required training modules and become certified to perform DOT Drug and Alcohol Tests/Collections and be able to meet the Denver airport security badging requirements. Able to handle excessive walking or have sufficient mobility access due to very the frequent moving between concourses, gates, airport train, terminal and outside ramp areas. Flexible scheduling is preferred. Professional appearance is a must.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, all employees must conform to strict accuracy guidelines and performance management expectations, having experience in airlines/aviation/airport or in a medical office setting is a definite plus.... but not a deal breaker. WE ARE ROCK STARS. WANT JUST WANT SOME -MORE- ROCK STARS!!!! You should be proficient in using Windows/Internet/Email and various mobile apps. Simply put.... YOU providing prompt, professional interaction to clients and employees is a MUST.

Required education:
High school or equivalent.
** IMPORTANT NOTE: We offer top pay at sign on to verified, existing Certified DOT Urine/BAT Collectors who meet our criteria **

Job Category: 
Airline Service Providers
Benefit Information: 
Paid airside/and landside parking or ECO Pass, flexible scheduling, a substantial shift premium is offered for working on call and after hours/weekends. *** Immediate wage differentials offered for existing certified DOT Collectors *** *** This is an awesome job for FitBit users - wear your sneakers, bring your headphones and get paid to get your steps in !! ***
Starting @ $15-35.00/hr DOE