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Custodians I and II - BONUS$$$$$

ISS Facility Services is accepting applications for 3rd Shift Custodians.
This is a highly rewarding position in one of America's busiest airports. Apply to become a member of the team that makes DIA a great place for travel.

Job Type: Full-time

I. Job Summary: Position has the responsibility for the satisfactory performance of routine general cleaning throughout the airport.

II. Key Functions:

Key Function #1: (90%) Performs routine general cleaning assignments using equipment that does not require training such as dust mopping, damp mopping, vacuuming, emptying trash, spray cleaning, washing toilets, sinks, walls, cleaning chairs, restrooms, etc.

Key Function #2: (5%) Performs non-routine general cleaning
assignments as required to meet unexpected, non-emergency situations by the City or Company Management.

Key Function #3: (5%) Performs emergency cleaning assignments as required by the City or Company Management.

Custodians are subject to mandatory overtime, for a minimum of four (4) hours per instance, for no more than two (2) instances per month.
Custodians are also required to perform snow removal services, which include shoveling and spreading of ice melt. .

$350 BONUS: $150 after 30 days of continuous service, additional $100 bonus after 60 days of continuous service & additional $100 bonus after 90 days of continuous service. ISS new hires only

If Interested send your resume to:

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Application email: 
Open Date: 
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Benefit Information: 
Paid time off including vacation, sick time, and more. Holiday pay 100% medical for the employee. Low insurance costs for dependents. RTD Eco-pass that can be used even when not working. Union benefits including pension. Uniforms are provided. Many opportunities for advancement, including relocation.
16.53 per hour - 16.88 per hour